Christ-like Humility

We are called to a life of humility. Jesus Christ set for us an example that we should follow by washing the feet of His Disciples. This example points us to how we should express the love of God to one another and serve one another, esteeming others or preferring others better than us. This kind of humility made Jesus Christ, the God from God, the owner and Creator of all things to come down from heaven, becoming God-Man, Fully God-Fully Man in order to save us sinners…  The message was delivered on April 17, 2014 during the Maundy Thursday service at Bloomfield United Methodist Church, Bloomfield, Connecticut, USA.

About Gabriel & Grace Akinbode

My wife and I realized the need to have a website where our ministries and activities would be made available to a wider range of people and also have an on hand record for people at any time. It seems we are engaging in undocumented efforts when we move from church to church without being able to retrieve all the biblical studies, exhortations, and other relevant writings. We believe that from this website we would make a great impact in the lives of many people through Bible Studies, inspiring messages, testimonies of God’s faithfulness, ministrations, and prayers. People will be able to catch the blessings and benefits that God has for them. This website is a means of obeying the injunction of our Lord who says, “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15). MISSION STATEMENT To reach out to the world with the gospel of Christ; sharing the good news that God has for people in whatever position or situation they may be, and to share our personal experiences about the faithfulness of God.
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